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Semi-marathon international 2008

Two days of sport, fun and discovery on 27 and 28 September. Between Montbeliard and Belfort.

European Heritage Days

Find below the full programme of European Heritage Days in the Country of Montbeliard, 20 and 21 September.

Semi-marathon: Le Lion 2007

The 24th edition of this race of prestige, but so popular will take place on September 23, 2007. Like these last years, it will be preceded by a semi marathon roller and a 10km.
The departures will take place in Montbeliard for the semi marathons race with foot and roller, and Trévenans for the 10km. The arrivals will take place in Belfort, places French revolution, with the foot of the lion of Bartholdi.

The semi marathon of the LION, but also the semi marathon roller and the 10km race with foot will be placed under the sign of the performance and the participation:

>>  the semi international marathon the LION is qualifier for the championships of France, l'objectif is to beat the record of l'épreuve held since 1998 per David KIPTUM in 1h00mn54s. A plate of world level with athletes coming of more than 10 different nations will be made up in order to create optimal conditions with the success of l'objectif of record. The Lion is one of the 11 semi French marathons to the international label. It was classified in 2006 in the 8th place of all the semi marathon run to France taking into account the number of participants and of times for the winners man and women.

lion >> the 10km with the regional label, is qualifier for the championships of France. The record of participation was beaten in 2006 with 829 committed.

>> the race roller is a stage of the Challenge of l'Est, new test concoctée by the leagues d'Alsace and of Frank County. This test by stage will support the participation and will reward most assiduous.

But the Lion, c'est also since 2006:

>> 2 excursions of 10 and 20km. They will be traced in the surroundings of Belfort and will allow nearly 800 hikers d'apprécier the beauty of the Territory. The departures and arrivals will take place near the d'arrivée zone, which will bring without any very many doubt a public.

>> the finale of Kid Stadium which concerns young athletes from 6 to 14 years. Before d'en to unstitch on a mini stage installed near the d'arrivée zone, nearly 1000 young people will have been concerned with the eliminatory tests of races, jumps and throws which will have proceeded in several cities of the Community d Agglomeration of the Country of Montbeliard and in the Territoire de Belfort.

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Les Lumières de Noël

20 editions, 20 years when in the approach of the Christmas, Montbéliard adorns himself with its most beautiful attires to welcome the Lights of Christmas.

Former principality wurtembergeoise, the city dives with enjoyment into its history and its traditions. The heart of the town begins then beating more hardly. At nightfall, streets and placettes are illuminated with one thousand brightness. Facades send back the light as by delight.

At feet of the temple St Martin, the atmosphere is more intimate. The market of Christmas livens up. Balls, festoons, candies, mulled wine, Christmas crib figures, toys nothing misses in the tradition. We get drunk on delicate smells of spices and on cinnamon.
But this year spices make stronger, the flavors are different … In the yard of the museum Beurnier, Peru is there. Craft, gastronomy, everything is there, joyful and colored.

Eyes open wide. The guests stroll delighted, as packed by a cloud of salty or sweet savours, exotic smells and dance music.

From November 25th, 2006 till December 24th, 2006 to Montbéliard.
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24th Festival of BD Oct. 14, and 1

Guest of honor: Jacques Ferrandez who will come to testify to his many voyages Orient some and to take us along in the world of the Jazz with his album on the life of Davis Miles.

About thirty other authors of BD and notebooks of voyages will give to this edition an opening on the world. Exposures of great quality in particular that François Gauthier, scenographer plastics technician will put in scéne works of Jacques Ferrandez. Other plastics technicians come Manu d' Ambra and Oliveir Rouet will take part in the decorations.

Travel in music and brass band also with arts of the street. Workshop data base of the Regional Center of Awakening to the Visual arts and the Comic strip will be festival and the pupils will make discover their new creations framed by their teacher Cyrille Meyer of return of a turn of the world.

Within the framework of the festival of the data base, Camember Jeunes Authors is to make discover with the public and the professionals, an exposure of boards of data base by young creators.

Payment of the contest and inscriptions near Pole Culture and Demonstrations Mission data base
Town hall
25405 AUDINCOURT Cedex
Tel. 03 81 36 37 77 or 03 81 36 37 83
in knowing more:

 Salle/Lieu: esplanade of the Humans right
Tariffs: 2 euros, free for the children of less than 12 years accompanied.

Schedules of opening:
Saturday: of 13. 30 at 6 p.m. 30
Sunday: from 10. 00 at 6 p.m. 00

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